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An application of Mesa Lavender’s CBD Infused MCL Coconut oil is perfectly blended and strong enough to target chronic aches and pains. ​

Simply put, a CBD massage is a traditional massage performed with CBD-infused oils and creams. Adding CBD to your massage can help calm inflammation, soothe anxiety, reduce chronic pain and melt tension. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is non-psychoactive and is found in high concentrations in cannabis and hemp.

Does CBD massage actually work?

In other words, CBD products may accomplish what many massage clients seek: pain and stress relief. As Massage Magazine reports, animal studies have found that CBD can accelerate healing of injured connective tissue, while also battling anxiety to offset pain.

Is CBD massage safe?

CBD massage is completely safe for everyone. That means that every person can use the substance while enjoying a relaxing massage. Some of the CBD Massage Benefits reports are: Reducing muscle fatigue and soreness.

12 Benefits of a CBD Massage

    • Reduces inflammation so your body can naturally relieve pain, speed healing, aid muscle recovery and promote total body wellness

    • Reduces tension in the fascia and soft tissue reducing pain, relieving headaches, improving digestion and sleep quality

    • Improves blood pressure

    • Reduces post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue

    • Decreases back, shoulder and neck pain

    • Assist with arthritis pain and inflammation

    • Reduces inflammation due to strain or injury

    • Helps with sore feet, planta fasciitis, or bunions

    • Decreases discomfort associated with peripheral neuropathy

    • Helps with Fibromyalgia pain

    • Addresses skins conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and mosquito bites

    • Relaxes the mind and reduces stress and anxiety

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CBD Infused Massage

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