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Jennifer Stephens



Hello Beautiful You~

Welcome, my name is Jennifer Stephens and I am a transformational energy coach and intuitive healer. I specialize in Access Consciousness tools, Access Bars, Energetic Facelift and Body Processes to empower you to know what is real and true for you.

I am one of only 10,000 Access Bars Facilitators in the world and I teach this modality across the country.

I spent the better part of 25 years in the human services field. I ran a non-profit for eighteen years and specialized in addictive and compulsive behaviors. I was an addiction counselor for many of those years and spent a lot of time focusing on the problems. I used to go home at night thinking “there has to be another way to help people”. I have said time and time again that the majority of us are addicted to comfort. That means we loop back to old reference points and continue to choose from those fixed points even if they create more of what we don’t want. What if I told you that we can clear out the clutter, quite the monkey mind and allow you to choose from a different space?

Intuitive energy coaching is a different way to change things without having to go into all of the drama and trauma. What if your body knows exactly what is needed and what it is ready to release?

What if you could lay on a massage table, have someone lightly touch 32 points on your head, ask you a few questions, say some crazy words and you feel like you have had a relaxing massage,

And… your whole life can change.

I am here to guide , empower, ask questions, clear energies and help you find what you’re looking for by asking key questions that prompt you to delve into your own knowing. Ultimately, you always have choice!!

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The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.  Releasing stuck energy is like deleting old files off of your computer. You have more space to create something new and wonderful.

Running The Bars™ is a simple, non-invasive, energy process.  Worst case  you feel like you had a deep relaxing massage, best case your whole life can change.   

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An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body. Jennifer will communicate with your body to determine what it needs. She used verbal facilitation and hands on body processes. 


  • Reduce/Clear Chronic Physical Pain
  • Reduce/Clear Chronic Emotional Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Address Issues with Unwanted Entities and/or Demons
  • Greater Sense of Peace, Ease and Communion with your Body
    Offered in Office Only
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Energetic Botox!!! The Access Energetic Facelift® rejuvenates the face and reverses the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body.  The gentle soothing touch applied to your face and neck works with your body’s cells to restore, enliven and rejuvenate.

Been reported to improve:
• The light & luminosity of the face
• Elasticity of the skin
• Clarity of the eyes
• Glow in the hair
• Lifting of breasts and buttocks
• Improved energy
• Increased relaxation

Other services available, please inquire at the reception desk, or call 970-316-2616