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What they’re missing, won’t leave you missing…

VitaHemp Gummies are different from most functional gummies because of one main reason: Raw Wild Superfood ingredients. We have proprietary blends made by master formulators at North American Herb and Spice. North American has been in the industry for 35 years. They introduced Oregano Oil, Black Seed Oil, and Chaga Mushrooms to the industry. The owner of the company, Ms. Judy Gray, travels around the world and lives with remote villages/tribes not connected to the rest of the world to find out what things they use for their ailments.

Every ingredient they find is tested against thousands of other similar ingredients to find the most potent and highest functioning form of that ingredient. That’s how we know that the Raw Wild Superfood formulas we have in our VitaHemp gummies are the highest functioning formulas you can find.
Each one of the formulas highlights one of the many functions that CBD enhances naturally.