Krissy Mays, Craniosacral Therapy


 I am so glad you are here.  Over the past 20 years I have delved deeply into the realms of healing to be of service, and to answer questions to my own journey of reclaiming health.  I have discovered so many beautiful modalities that support profound healing of the body, mind and spirit.

 As a board certified integrative therapist, advanced trained craniosacral and somatic practitioner since since 2001, I offer individuals, families and professionals care by utilizing a diverse range of integrative modalities and opportunities to regain health.  

 I offer in-person sessions and classes here on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado and  virtual sessions via phone and Zoom for those away.

 I’ve been lucky enough to work, heal and grow with some extraordinary people all over the World and happy to be fulfilling my purpose by sharing those gifts with you.

 Please explore my offerings and let me know how I can best support you! 

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Integrative Bodywork For Adults

I offer supportive and transformational bodywork sessions for families and individuals. My work, grounded in Craniosacral Therapy, is safe and gentle. I focus on structure and energy, and invite healing on a deep level. My clients also find the incorporation of other modalities to be beneficial to their healing. As we have come to know, deep, lasting healing occurs when we treat the WHOLE person – Mind, Body and Spirit. It is my commitment to listen to your body and to support the innate health that is within you.
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Tuesday Jun 2 @ 1pm – 45min

Yoga For Beginners

Tuesday Jun 2 @ 4pm – 45min

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Yoga For Experts

Thursday Jun 4 @ 1pm – 45min

Other services available, please inquire at the reception desk, or call 970-316-2616