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Lynda Carpenter, MS CAM, Holistic Nutrition & Drugless Practitioner

My clients want to take back control of their health and have a more natural approach to wellness. They don’t just want another pill; they want to fix the problem and live healthy and happy lives. They love that I hold a Master’s Degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine to back up my recommendations. I am a holistic nutritionist who uses blood chemistry analysis as a guide so that you know your progress. You can see the improvements in your lab results.

As a board-certified drugless practitioner, I specialize in the therapeutic use of essential oils, microcurrent therapy, supplements, and herbs. My master’s thesis studied lifestyle modifications that reverse chronic illness so I have a lot of options available to you. Wellness FOR a Lifetime uses blood chemistry analysis as a guide so that you know your progress. You can see the results. Our process begins with nutrition and uses essential oils, microcurrent therapy, supplements, and herbs to accelerate results.

How did I become so passionate about holistic health? In 2006, I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic, supposedly terminal cancer. It started in the breast, went to the bone in three places (2 in the spine) and when it got to the intestines, my oncologist signed papers saying that it was terminal. The death benefit on my life insurance policy paid in 2011. (I loved spending that money). I received her first all clear in 2016. I reversed cancer holistically without conventional chemotherapy or radiation. Now I help others reverse chronic illness using similar means.

In June 2016 Wellness FOR a Lifetime officially opened. I continue to expand my knowledge and education. In addition to the certifications mentioned above, I also hold the following credentials:
Essential Oil Specialist
Essential Oil Coach
Essential Oil Safety Specialist
Certified Raw Food Instructor
Advanced Healing Foods Instructor

And as a true lifelong learner, I am finishing a National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) certification course.

One Hour Wellness Consultation with Lynda
  • 60 Minute Wellness Consultation
    • Wellness FOR a Lifetime has integrated the efforts of numerous researched processes to develop a system for successfully addressing and reversing many chronic illnesses. Anyone who knows founder and director, Lynda Carpenter knows that she is passionate about health and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals
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Half Hour Consultation with Lynda

  • 30 Online Wellness Consultation 
    • Schedule a 30-minute online consultation as a simple first step. Lynda can answer questions and you can get a feel for her knowledge and style and together decide the best next step for your optimum wellness.
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Healy Micro-Current Treatment

  • Micro-current Therapy
    • Science now knows frequencies that are effective for our bodies. Different frequencies are effective to support different parts of the body. The Healy microcurrent therapy device has two different ways to deliver frequencies, via radio (like your key fob) and through microcurrent.
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Other services available, please inquire at the reception desk, or call 970-316-2616